North Harringay

Activities and online resources



  • Digimaps - access to Digimaps from home. This will enable children to look at maps of anywhere in the world which may help with the geography tasks that you have set them.  
    Username:  N80NU           Password: skucts6977


  • Oddizzi is a geography resource that includes ideas for projects, research about countries, geographical processes and specific human / physical features. The username for the website below works for ALL children to access the website.           
    Username:  nhpN8           Password: oddizzi

  • Shape Up With Spurs session - great for Teachers, Parents and Children to take part whilst in school or at home.


    #MondayMotivation                       #SpursAtHome


  • Give any of the Super Movers activities online a try

  • Premier League Primary Starslots of ideas for helping your children get active, as well as fun videos, games and worksheets for Maths, English and Health and Wellbeing

  • Big Cat banded ebooks for KS1

    1) Go to
    2) Click on the Teacher portal
    3) The username is
    4) The password is Parents20!
    5) Click Login
    6) Click Collins Big Cat
    7) Select your book band

  •  PE Hub          




  •  WeAgile - free online tutoring program for children in years 4&5 with a qualified tutor who is running 2 maths sessions a week, 30 mins each.







 KS1 Oddizzi World Explorers Global knowledge

KS2 Oddizzi World Explorers Global Knowledge


Storybooks in dual languages:



KS2 French

Quel temps fait il aujourd’hui? (What’s the weather like today?)

 Bonjour mes amis  (Greetings and numbers)

 Les Chiffres (Numbers song - 1-20)

Couleurs - Arc en ciel - by alain le lait-  (Colours and lots more!!)

Au petit déjeuner – by Alain Le Lait (Breakfast)


Do you know what these French sentences and questions mean?

 Il fait beau.__________________________

 Il fait froid.__________________________ 

 Salut, ça va? / Bonjour, comment allez-vous?________________________

 Comment t’appelles-tu?_______________________________________

 Quel âge as-tu?___________________________

 J’ai neuf ans. __________________________________

 Il a les yeux rouges.____________________________________________

 Au petit déjeuner je mange des céréales.___________________________


You can also try out Duolingo and learn some new words and phrases and improve your pronunciation.