North Harringay

Food in School

We are very proud of the quality and variety of the school meals we provide here at North Harringay. The school has gone into partnership with Pabulum Catering to make the whole school meals experience even better for our children. Pabulum share the same values as the school when it comes to school meals: fresh, nutritional food cooked with care and skill, using sustainable, environmentally-friendly sources, locally supplied where possible. Each term, we have a seasonal menu with a wide choice of dishes, as well as themed meal days.


Autumn term 2018

Summer & Autumn term 2019

The children have lunch in one of the two school halls. They are supervised during their lunch and in the playground by School Meal Supervisory Assistants or SMSAs. The Reception children have their lunch play in their outside classroom.

Children in families who receive income support, job seekers allowance, child tax credit or who are refugees or asylum seekers are entitled to free school meals. If you think you may be entitled to free school meals, please come and ask at the school office.

It is important that you register if you are entitled to free school meals, even if your child does not have a school lunch, as the school will receive additional funding for each child who is eligible for free school meals. This is money which can be spent on equipment and resources to help your child’s learning.

Packed Lunch

Children may bring a packed lunch to eat at school as an alternative to school lunch. Please make sure there are no nuts, cans, glass bottles, chocolate, sweets or drinks other than water or milk. Crisps are allowed on Fridays only.

If you wish to change your child’s lunch arrangements, you will need to give one week’s notice to the school office.

Snacks and Water

We encourage healthy eating in school and children may bring a piece of fruit to eat during the morning break. Fruit is provided for the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We encourage the children to bring a bottle of water to keep in their classroom and we have water dispensers on each corridor. Children under 5 receive milk free of charge, paid for by the UK government. If your child is over 5 and you receive state benefits, your child may be entitled to free school milk, paid for by the school. If your child is over 5 but you don’t receive state benefits then milk is still available at a subsidised rate.

Please note that due to the large number of pupils with severe food allergies we will not allow any food to be brought into school to celebrate children's birthdays. This includes all types of food such as cakes, biscuits or fruit.

Paying for you child's school lunches


 Payments are made using our online payment system SchoolMoney. Please visit the website