North Harringay

Green Lanes Co-operative Learning Trust


Following formal consultation, the governing body of North Harringay Primary School and of Chestnuts Primary School agreed to form the Green Lanes Cooperative Learning Trust which was effective from 1st July 2013. This will sustain the close working partnership between the two schools to further the educational opportunities for our children into the future.

Trust Action Plan 2015-2017

English Classes - Trust

We have just finished a very successful course of English Classes  for Chestnuts Primary and NHPS parents over the last term. Our parents have learnt a lot more about the education system in England and now feel more confident about supporting their own children and working with the school. We will be working with a new group over the summer term and hope to continue to support our first group. 

Quotes from our parents:

"I am now more confident when speaking english to others"

"The course has helped me with my reading and writing"

"I now understand the education system and how my child learns in school"

"since living in London I haven't spoken English. I now feel more confident to do this"

"The course has helped me to help my child with her homework"

"I am now able to speak to my child's teacher"