North Harringay

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities  (SEND)

At North Harringay we have a strong commitment to inclusion and meeting the needs of all our children. Many children need extra help at some point during their time at primary school and some have specific learning needs or difficulties in regulating their behaviour.

If your child is assessed as needing additional support you will be consulted and be kept fully informed and involved with your child's development. Children with Special Educational Needs follow the school curriculum and we have high expectations for all our pupils.

We have an Assistant Head Teacher with responsibility for inclusion and two SENCOs who job share. We all work closely with staff and parents to tailor provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs and ensure their needs are being met. We often work in collaboration with specialists from other services to support the children's learning.

If you have any questions contact Assistant Head Teacher Rhiannon Mapleston.

Telephone: 020 8348 0948



SEND offer

What to expect if your child has special educational needs or a disability (SEND)

What to expect if your child may need an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

What to expect if your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Whole School Provision Map

Information on support and services for children with special educational needs in Haringey.

Information on support and services for children's mental health or behaviour in Haringey

Accessibility Policy & Plan

UNICEF How we protect children's rights

 These documents can also be viewed at the school office.


All complaints relating to SEND will be dealt with in line with the school’s complaints policy and procedures. These are available on the school website. Hard copies can be requested from the school office or any member of the SEND team (Palak Shah, Niki Adamou or Naz Fahri). Please refer to the complaints policy on the school website if you require further information.

Pastoral Care Manager

The school has a full time Pastoral Care Manager. Her role is to support children's emotional wellbeing, working in collaboration with parents and liaising with outside professionals.  The pastoral care manager meets regularly with children, either individually or in small groups and provides support both in class and in her resourced classroom known as 'The Base'