North Harringay


At North Harringay Primary School we believe that good school attendance is vital in maximising children’s opportunity of success and developing an essential life skill. Children should attend school every day, on time unless there is an unavoidable cause like illness.

All school staff work with pupils and their families to ensure each pupil attends school regularly and on time. We expect all children to attend school every day as long as they are fit and healthy enough to do so.



The school’s target is 96% or higher attendance

for every pupil, in every class, in every year.


We actively promote 100% attendance for all our pupils and we use a variety of weekly, termly and annual awards to promote good attendance and punctuality.

The attendance for all children is monitored weekly. The school has an established range of effective strategies to promote excellent attendance and punctuality. We recognise and celebrate excellent attendance and punctuality. We acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of pupils and parents to improve attendance and timekeeping. We also support and challenge parents who give low priority to attendance and punctuality.

For more information, please view our Attendance Policy. This will provide you with important information regarding attendance procedures and the actions we are required to take in the event of irregular attendance.

If you need any advice or support with attendance, please contact the school to discuss.

Helpful Contact Numbers:

Pastoral Care Manager:                                 Tel: 0208 348 0948

Education Welfare Service                           Tel: 0208 489 0000