North Harringay

Uniform Policy

Our school uniform serves several very important functions:

  • It gives children a sense of identity with the school
  • It creates a sense of community
  • It is equitable with all children wearing the same clothing
  • It is cost effective for families
  • It encourages children to take pride in their appearance
  • It helps to keep children safe e.g. by providing clear identification when they are off-site


We expect all children in Reception to Year 6 to wear their uniform correctly each day unless there is a non-uniform day for charity or another special event. If any child is not wearing their uniform we expect a letter from parents to explain why this is the case.

It is not compulsory to wear the school uniform in Nursery, although we strongly encourage your child to wear the school jumper/cardigan with the school logo.

 Uniform Policy


  • Green school jumper or cardigan with the school logo – available to purchase from our uniform supplier
  • Black or grey trousers, skirt or pinafore (in the summer, green and white checked cotton dresses may be worn). Non-branded items can be purchased from any high street shop. Jeans are not allowed
  • White polo shirt or blouse
  • Grey or black tights or grey, black or white socks


  • Sensible black shoes or plain black trainers with no heels, lights or toys attached or within
  • Slip on shoes need a bar across the foot to hold them on so ballet styles are not suitable
  • Sandals can be worn in the summer months with socks, provided they have sufficient straps
  • For Health and Safety purposes, children in Nursery and Reception should not wear shoes with heels or laces


  • Plain T shirt – no football shirts please
  • Plain shorts or jogging bottoms
  • Trainers or plain black plimsolls
  • Long hair must be tied back


Children should come to school wearing their PE Kit on their PE days and Sports Days. 

In order to take books home, your child requires a suitable bag.
Every child in Nursery and Reception should have a school book bag (with a logo) available to purchase from our uniform supplier.


For Health and Safety reasons, jewellery should not be worn. The only items that can be worn are watches and simple stud earrings. Pupils will be asked to remove any other jewellery and it will be returned to parents. Nail varnish or make up are not allowed in school and any pupil wearing these will be asked to remove it.

Long hair should be securely tied back in order to avoid accidents and it must be tied back for PE lessons. Hair bands should be simple (preferable in school colours) and not ornately decorated. 


School jumpers, cardigans and school book bags with the school logo are available to purchase online from our uniform supplier Price & Buckland.


All items of school clothing, including PE Kit and bags, should be clearly marked with the child’s name so lost items can be returned to their owner. Items which are not labelled are put in the lost property and unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of each half term.

If you have difficulties with the cost of purchasing your child’s uniform, please come to the school office for confidential advice and/or support or speak to Paula Olurin (Pastoral Care Manager).

The PSA also holds regular second-hand uniform sales throughout the year. Recycled uniform (in good condition) is available to purchase at a greatly reduced price.