North Harringay

Curriculum Design

The National Curriculum forms the basis of our curriculum which is then tailored to reflect our culturally rich community and connect with the environment our pupils are growing up in.  It gives our pupils the knowledge and cultural capital they need to become global citizens ready to make the world a better place as life-long learners.

Key aspects of our curriculum are:

Being a Londoner - We want our children to celebrate the diversity of our school community; to enjoy what London has to offer and to know where they belong in the world.

Valuing our world - We want our children to be physically active (we were the first school in Haringey to introduce the Daily Mile); to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature and to be aware of how our actions can damage it.

Connecting with others - We want our children to be able to speak with confidence so that they are able to defend their interests and the rights of others.